Sunday, June 26, 2011

Rapunzel, Rapunzel.. Let Down Yo Hair

last few remaining pictures from graduation.. running in the park with ducks and one of my best friends
dress Free People armband Bangladesh belt swap meet

i've gotten a lot of questions about how i do my hair and lemme let you in on a little secret
MY HAIR WAS TRASHED after i went from blonde-brown-ombre-blonde.. 
The integrity of it was NOT what it had been.. because I bleached the absolute crap out of it, and the shine/softness I had once had was long gone.

I tried numerous hair masks from Sally's and all that jazz, which helped, but not significantly. 
 Thankfully, when we were in Maui I forgot to pack shampoo/conditioner and my dad picked up some from the store. Came back with these bad boys and OH MY GOD my hair felt almost brand new. 

Since returning from Maui I've started using the 3 Minute Repair also by Garnier Fructis and it is like magic in a bottle. Best part about it, it's like $5 a bottle.. MIRACLE TREATMENT RIGHT HERE.

After washing my do I put in a plethora of different products.. probably not the ones any stylist would recommend, but I'm not down with spending $60 on some creamy substance that's gonna run out in a month. HI, I'D RATHER SPEND IT ON CLOTHES.

The purple bottle is an Herbal Essences Totally Twisted Curl Boosting Mousse, it kind of helps add body a little bit.. but I mainly use it cuz it makes my hair smell delicious, and kinda like a fruit smoothie. And who wouldn't want to go around smelling like a delicious fruit smoothie?

The second is once again Garnier Fructis.. i feel like a walking ad or something, but this stuff seriously works that well. It's the Nutrient Spray for "Dry to Over-Drived or Damaged Hair" HI, THAT'S ME. It's basically a leave in conditioner, and I like it because it's a spray opposed to a dense cream or something.

The last 2 products I swear by.. which are a little more pricey, but definitely work are by Prive. The Flash Brilliance and Shine Serum are the perfect duo for protecting and keeping hair sleek when applying heat.
You can tell the Flash Brilliance is almost gone, needa stock up again.. but I use this before curling my hair and the Shine Serum is PERFECT after curling/blow drying/flat ironing.
I think these are between $20-$35 at my salon.

Oh yeah, and my hair is naturally bone straight.. so when I curl it, I use either a 1 inch barrel or 2 inch, depending on how much body/looseness I'm going for.  I start near the root and wrap the section of hair around the curling iron, as if I'm using the wand.

My final favorite product is Surf Hair Texture Paste by Garnier Fructis. You know that sought after Ijustgotbackfromthebeachandmyhairlooksthisgood surfer girl hair? YEAH, this stuff makes yo hair do that.. only minus the salt water and sand. After curling my hair, or if I slept with it in a loose bun-- I take between a dime/quarter size amount and spread it all ova my fingers and lightly twist and tousle my locks with it.



SAMANTHA said...

great post, you have beautiful hair!!

Paige said...

LOL. Sick post Chels. SHOOTZ BRADDAH!