Friday, June 17, 2011

raindrops on roses

... these are a few of my favorite things
er, well, blogs.

i highly suggest checking them out.. these ladies are pretty damn incredible.

PS. I graduated.


Jana K. said...

You are so sweet Chelsea. much love:)


SAMANTHA said...

Beautiful inspiration I love each photo! and congrats :)

Jakub MaƄkowski said...

nice piercing <3 you are amazing, i love your dog and your sun glasses
fallow you <3

Tori said...

love your style choices!

glance at my latest post if you get the chance, I would love some stylish opinion in putting together some outfits for my upcoming vacation!


Jade said...

aww thanks soooo much girl!

LaurenSchoon said...

Wow, awesome blogs! Two I've never heard of before. Thanks for posting!

LIGH✝Sdrivemysoul said...

You are sooo sweet! Thank you so muchh, it means a lot to know someone finds what little ol' me posts inspiring or even a tad bit interesting! You are so gorg and have the most amazing smile..congrats on graduating! My sister just graduated last week too, made me tear up a bit haha. I'm sure you have many exciting things ahead of you pretty girlll<3