Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Lucky Flirts

There are two things in this world that I admittedly have an addiction to.. a cold, hard addiction.

So it was to my utmost delight when I stumbled upon LuckyFlirts jewelry months ago. Shea Marie of CheyenneMeetsChanel is constantly sporting the turquoise and gold accented bracelets. They all have such a funky vibe and are the PERFECT accent to any outfit. I always layer and layer my bracelets, but these ones.. it's already done for you. (And they're prettttttttty!)

I honestly don't think I'd be able to take something like this off!

The designer, Francesca Ramirez, wanted to create something that separated her jewelry from other people's and matcher her personality/style.. and I don't blame her! This girl's got such an eye, and every piece is unique. I love the dangling charms, whether they be hamsa's, skulls, or the evil eye.

Unfortunately, her site doesn't have an online shop yet.. but her line is carried at Kitson and a couple places throughout L.A. I definitely think she needs move her products into the beachside communities, especially the Huntington/Laguna area, don't you? :)

There is a giveaway on CheyenneMeetsChanel for this GORGEOUS bracelet designed by Francesca & Shea.
You can enter at the above link or place an order for any of the other bracelets.
JUST KIDDING, just found out I won the bracelet! WOOOHOOOO, but you should definitely check out the rest of her stuff.. Seriously, it's to DIE FOR.

for more check out luckyflirts


SAMANTHA said...

I saw this on cheyenne's site and it's so cute! love turquoise!


Alison said...

Lucky girllllll!

alisaVerde said...

I love the evil eye in a lot of those pictures. I'm a sucker for an evil eye and stacks of bracelets! uuuufffff


Vivienne said...

lovely beads x


Vivienne said...

lovely beads x


Dylan said...

this is the coolest thing i have ever seeeeeeeen....... you have got it going on and this is by far one of my favorite blogs. i am so inspired by your style, confidence and blog and it's determined me to start my own

you are one inspiring individual and it's so cool to see such positive & unique blogs like yours


Kokopelli Blu said...

Congrats - its a sick bracelet. Love it.

PS I totally understand the turquoise addiction....

fitsz said...

looooooove those!

dani said...

So I'm thinking we need to go to Kitson, buy some bracelets, and then go to Ben Folds. Eh? Eh? Haha

Chelsealauren said...

oh girl, i would loooooooove that.. haha, you know if i had the $$$ to spend i would.

Anonymous said...

What the what! Didn't you just win the wildfox shirt too?

Chelsealauren said...

luck seems to be on my side lately :)

Katy Goldstein said...

Congrats, lucky girl! ;)

Chelsea Lane said...

this stack looks AMAZING!


Anonymous said...

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