Sunday, May 08, 2011

a day in the life

Guess who's going to New York in a couple weeks?!?
And I am beyond stoked, 5 days in the city with just my mama and meeting up with my friend from Switzerland.. good food, good clothes, good pictures!
Ah, I'm already dreaming about what I should pack. Any suggestions?

Yesterday I met up with Jenna from The Freckled Husky and had a blast.. seriously, we hit it off right away and I couldn't have asked for a better DIY partner in crime. :)

We started off our day searching through endless amounts of fabric and fringe and made our way to a thrift shop. And dude, lemme tell ya... we SCORED big time. Our carts were overflowing with old levis and vintage tees, we literally looked like hobos with the amount of stuff we had piled on top of them.

Yes... those are troll earrings. No.. unfortunately, I didn't get them. I was, however, considering wearing them with my prom dress.

Just kittttttten! 

After our thrifting adventure, we made it back to my house for some DIY projects.
Jenna's fringe shorts turned out so rad! And I am lovin' my RunwayDreamz inspired denim shorts.

And Miss Sweet Thang gave me one of her INCREDIBLE rings! I haven't taken the thing off.. I mean, common now, it's turquoise.

Shop Jenna's rings HERE!

And a few more of my DIY projects from yesterday/today

And I've still got more to show ya.. ha, this is quite a heavy post, I've been off having a life, so uh yeah.. :)

PS. I got asked to Prom in the most adorable way, ever.
A trip to a vinyl record store in Costa Mesa (where we met Spiderman), followed by lunch at The Gypsy Den.
Moseyed on over to Inspiration Point on Newport Coast and was serenaded by my guitar playing boy (who is recording his demo album this summer, woo!)
Up to this quaint little movie theater where spelled out above the water fountain was "PROM?" and the lady behind the counter gave me a bunch of roses. 
Yes, I am aware of how wrong this picture is...

It was wonderful, to say the least, and I am so EXCITED for PROM this coming weekend! 

And a few randoms from the week
Justin Bieber's coming out of his pants..

In honor of mother's day I had my mama pick the giveaway winner.. 
*drum roll please*

Congrats lady, an email will be sent your way :)


Stefany said...

So excited that you're going to NYC! It is seriously my favorite place on the planet. Well, I haven't been to many other places so maybe I'm a little biased, haha. You'll definitely have lots of fun and pack lots of comfy but stylish sandals. NYC is absolutely beautiful to walk through in the summer. :)

soffia mariana gr said...

WOW, NYC! I'm so jealous =D
Nice blog :*

Jessica Shearing said...

This is such a great post! I love all the DIY's you have done! Seriously want those shorts!!

And the prom thing made me smile - if i was more soppy maybe even a little tear- most romantic thing ever!!

I also wanted to say a huge thank you for putting me on your blogroll :D made my day! When i next update mine i will put you on!


Olive and Mango said...

Just found your blog! It's amazing!definitely following :)

Those troll doll earings are crazy!

Molly xxx

Olive and Mango said...

Just found your blog! It's amazing!definitely following :)

Those troll doll earings are crazy!

Molly xxx

dani said...

Omg! I need those DIY shorts! Perfect!!!

<3 The Daily Dani

Chelsea Lane said...

I LOOOOVE this post so much. awesome diys girl, I wanna come down and DIY with youuuuu!


Paige said...

I'm diggin the shoulder cutouts on that grey tee aaaand the winky face you're makin. ;D

kirstyb said...

your going to NYC - so jealous xxxx

Teresa said...

Ah! You beat me to the fringe shorts! Prob still make some with a DIY - they look great!

Kasturi S. // biggest fan said...

ohhhh i am so jealous!
i have been planning a mega NYC trip for liek 2 years now, but i have to wait till i finish my degrees. so def cant wait to see your trip around there, and grab some tips :)

and totalllyyy digg that red belached fringed shirt! now, i want to have a diy party.

ps, thanks for following my blog :)
x, kasturi.