Thursday, April 28, 2011


After posting these tees a little over a month ago, I've racked up quite the list of people that want to purchase one and they're in high demand. I am beyond stoked! Not only do I get to paint tees and share my designs with others, but I'm making mooolah. I couldn't ask for a better situation!

As a way to receive feedback, I'm giving away one of my LIMITED EDITION DREAMCATCHER TEES to one of you lucky followers!

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**Specify your favorite design AND what other designs you would like to see!**
Don't forget to include your e-mail!

Giveaway ends Friday 5/6 at 11:59pm
PS. I always like to hear why you want to win and how you would style it. :)

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KatjaKCN said...

I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE all the dreamer shirts!
OMG these are so cool, even though i already told you how awesome they are. I would definitely style this with some short shorts for a beach day, or maybe some skinnies and a leather jacket with pumps for night time :-D YAY! I love every desgin!


xo KCN

fitsz said...

you know id wear absolutely anything you make/wear/blog. the second one down is my favvvv. you know i gotta win this to rep chelsea x10 designs on the east coast girl ;) deff a summer favv with cut offs and blue vans!

ps im coming out in august & i NEED to see you <3

alice san said...

oh gosh!!!like it.:D

Johanna said...

do you mind checking out my blog? feel free to follow me ;) or at least tell my what you are thingking about it


The Cat Hag said...

Your hand-made tees are so lovely, your giveaway would make someone really happy. ♥

The Cat Hag

Maddalena said...


Kokopelli Blu said...

These are AMAZING! I love the second one down, the colours are so beautiful

I would probably wear it with lace black shorts and converses for a casual look. Though it would also look so cute with skinny jeans and biker boots. aaaah.


Jade said...

I want one of these sooo bad!
I love allll of them. Last one is probably my favorite though :)
I can definitely see it with some jean shorts on a hot day.


Kait Lisbeth said...

I love your custom made dreamcatcher shirts! You are so talented. When I was little I used to have bad dreams and my dad's friend gave me a dreamcatcher, after that I stopped having bad dreams ( Probably his kindness combined with my belief in magic :) I love to collect dreamcatchers to this day. My birthday is on May 7th and my family lives very far away, this would be the most wonderful surprise. I love the fourth one, the use of coulour is so beautiful. I can just imagine wearing it with the black lace shorts you taught me how to make in your blog, some fun vintage buckle boots, wavy hair, and a big smile :) <3


your blog is really great! The giveaway is incredible! I love the shirt! I would combine itwith a large hat, a jeans hotpants and with audrey-sunglasses!
I follow you on twitter, and bloglovin google, and "like" you on facebook!
another thing: the photos on your blog are really unique, always a good inspiration!

check out our blog at:
my e-mail is:
name: Leon B.

Mavery said...

Oh may gooooooodness! I saw these when you first posted them and absolutely fell in love! My friends quite fancy them as well....

I am so incredibly jealous of your artistic talent girl! Seriously, these shirts are one of a kind and SOOOOOOOOOOO beautiful!!!

I really really like the ones that say "dreamer" and the one tat looks like a necklace! It'd be cool to see ones that say like "catch your dream" or "chase your dreams." Or maybe one that has like a heart inside the dreamcatcher? I don't know, just rambling :)

Maybe try some shirts with sun/moon/stars? That could be really cute.

But I'd probably wear this with some cut off denim shorts and cowboy boots. Too bad I didn't have it for coachella, it would have been pooooiiiiifect!

my email is maverywoods @

lots of loooove,
marisa <3

AMANDA said...

Chelsea love, these shirts are tdf!! I would love to own any one of your dreamcatcher tees - but if I had to choose the second one down from the top would be my fav. Some other designs I would like to see would include tribal/native graphics and shapes or something floral to add a little flare to this spring trend!

There are many reasons why I would want to win and have this tee as new addition to my wardrobe! For one, I think it's awesome how you turned a diy project into a fashionable piece that others including myself would like to sport. It's inspiring! Also, what makes these tees so fab is the fact that each tee is unique in itself, and even though you might ask for the same tee design- they will be a little different so making it more personal for every one.

I would most likely wear this tee with some cut off denim shorts, a long chain necklace with a pendant, and some black combat boots or black wedges!




P.S. Congrats on the success thus far, and best of luck!!

Style of a Fashionista said...

You have a great talent these are awesome. I also love the crochet DIY shorts you did a few posts back.

Thank you for visting my blog and taking the time to leave a comment and I love your blog so many amazing things xoxo

Nene said...

First of all, thanks for your lovely comment. (: I'm glad you like my stuff.

I'd love to participate at this giveaway!
I'm in love with the last one. <3

Name: Irene
Mail: irene.dose[at]

I'll follow you (:
have a nice week

Absolutely Mrs. K said...

oh this gives me very nostalgic feelings! once i was completely into the hippie vibe. i wanted to live in the woods with a lot of people, have 6 children, smoking weed, listening to Neil Young al day long. love the colors you have used, the feathers look spectacular

nicole said...

i am loving the tees! i especially love the very last dreamcatcher tee! perfect for a summer day in new york city (where i will be going for an internship!)! pair it with denim shorts or skinny jeans and my favorite flats and i am good to go!

following on twitter, facebook, AND bloglovin'!
nicole.bugante [at] gmail [dot] com

i love the designs! xo

superfantasticacid said...

awesome designs!it's a perfect shirt for the summer sun!hope you can visit my blog soon!:)

superfantasticacid said...

awesome designs!it's a perfect shirt for the summer sun!hope you can visit my blog soon!:)

Dylan said...

CHELSEA! i'm dying for this shirt. i love your art and these are so unique & one of a kind..... i can't pick out which is my favorite, i love them ALLLLLLLLLLLLLL!

i would wear this as a beach over up (if it was longer), or with shorts.. maybe even some ripped jeans and boots.
i can't wait to see the other designs you come up with.

dylanav3ryxx @


AK said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE your designs!! Would a be a dream come true to win one :))

The last one is my fave =)) Would rock it with denim city shorts and espadrilles this summer <3 Classic and simple.

I am your 76th fan and tweeting as May_xo

<3 xoxo