Tuesday, April 19, 2011

shaka brah

Imagine laying in the comfiest king size bed, the plush white comforters all rolled around in. The birds are gleefully chirping outside and the waves keep continuously crashing on the shore. The air is humid smells sweet of salt water.. and banana boat tanning lotion.

HELL YEAH, this was my morning..  I'm in MAUI!
(ps. this picture was taken at sunset.. i'm just sayin' my morning was pretty damn incredible)

Before we left on our travels, I had time to finish my crochet shorts. I had seen these in stores and similar ones on fashiontoast & cheyennemeetschanel.. but i wasn't about to fork up $200 to get them at planet blue. So here's the DIY ones I made!

They're even cuter on, and didn't take too long! Unfortunately I had to get out of my PJ's to get more fabric glue, but hey, we all have to make sacrifices. :)

I was in an arts n' crafts mood and had a spare white tee layin' around... so naturally, I tie-dyed and painted. Here's the latest original shirt I whipped out.

While all y'all were at Coachillin (working on a post, collecting pictures from friends currently-- if you've got any feel free to send them on ova!) I've been gathering inspiration for the coming weeks and creating a mood board of sorts. Here are the latest photos/styles/looks I LOVE:

photos from: spelloraclefox, wildfox

anyone want to claim dibs on this picture? i can't seem to find the source for it 

pc fancysrc783iloveborntobewildglitterandpearlslightnessofbeing **one of my new favorite blogs!, studdedhearts, kustom lookbook

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magdalena viktoria said...

the first photo is incredible!
the style of the other photos is so fun, too. :)

Emma C Wills said...

Thanks, really sweet of you! Love the inspiration in this post xxx

Haute-fly said...

Adorable style post.

Lovely summer feel,

SAMANTHA said...

love this post... that photo in the morning is incredibly beautiful. jealous :)


celene ♥ said...

love DIY i am working on some stuff today.. the SHORTS are amaze gorgeous.


Julie {AfternoonFrosting} said...

love these pictures! so cool!! xx Happy Tuesday :)


Anonymous said...

nice selection of pics!!

Jade said...

looove all of these pictures!

<3 http://eccentricdaydream.blogspot.com/

seascaped said...

very great blog
i'm in love!

Kathleen said...

omg please show us your ways with those gorgeous pair of shorts!! i saw them on fashiontoast too and just HAD to have them haha, got mine recently from urban1972, yours looks amazing too! :)
omg you're so lucky to be in the SUN. and can't get enough of your amazing eye for style girl ;), posts are very inspiring! :)

<3, Kathleen.