Wednesday, April 20, 2011

DIY Crochet Shorts

After posting these bad boys yesterday I've had numerous e-mails/comments asking how I made them.. unfortunately I didn't take pictures while doing so, but I'll try my best to explain here!

My mother was cleaning out her closet and had an a pair of high waisted black pants with a bleach stain on the leg and was going to toss them.. but I rescued them. :)


1. Get a pair of shorts, preferably thrifted and high waisted.
(Mine were originally pants, so I cut/hemmed them to the desired length.)

2. Go to fabric store and get about 6 yards of crochet/lace.
(Mine's about 4-5 inches wide.. There was another crochet pattern I liked even more, but it was like $8 per yard.. NAHHH)

3. Also pick up fabric glue
(I got mine from Michael's, it was like $6 and takes between 3-4 hours to dry)
**you can sew the crochet on, but I was way too lazy to go through that much trouble and this worked just as well and it was easier to fix errors, I think.**

4. Line the crochet up to the edge of the zipper flap and around the top, EVENLY.
(This part is really easy if you've got a seam from the belt loop or something of the sort)

5. Cut this strip, making sure it will fit all the way around to the other zipper flap. Place a thin line of glue and press the crochet down. It helps to do this part in small sections, especially when you have to flip from front/back.
(I took breaks in between to allow it to dry.. otherwise parts were not holding as well when I was flipping the shorts.) 

6. Start the next row a little bit underneath the first. You can gauge how much you want them to overlap depending on your material. 
(Mine overlaps about 3/4 of a inch).

7. Continue you this all the way down until you reach the crotch area.. here it gets a bit tricky and you'll have to kind of play with the fabric to see how it best fits. 

8. Finish off with some of the crochet hanging over the edge of the shorts, let them dry for several hours and TADA!
$20 DIY shorts > $200 Planet Blue shorts

Hope that helps! If you've got any questions lemme know :)


Tegan said...

oh wow! I would actually love to do something like that, makes me wanna live in the US, cos Michael's is such an awesome store! they look so pretty xo

catflicks said...

wow brilliant! hopefully will try this diy soon :)

Lex McCaughin said...

this is genius!! such good explanation as well! im def trying this out, will let you know how it goes :) xo