Wednesday, April 20, 2011

aloha from paradise

Went on a little adventure with the fam around the island.. Here are my some of my favorite shots from the day.

masters behind the lenses: my mother & brother
i just do the photo editing for now :)

Thinking of doing another GIVEAWAY soon.. quite possibly within the next few days.
Whose down for some free stuff?
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vivI.Iviv said...

i love the 2nd pic of you & the peekaboo hole in the rock x ^_^

vivI.Iviv <3

magdalena viktoria said...

Love that you caught some of the rainbow there--lovely!

SAMANTHA said...

you are an incredible photographer.


Meera said...

These pictures are gorgeous! I love them.


augustalolita said...

these photos are beautiful!! your mom and brother did an amazing job behind the lense, and great editing job <3