Thursday, April 21, 2011

ike kala makia

maui adventure round two..


Sheer Paisley Print Top Luna B
Denim Shorts Hurley
Black Floppy Hat Mama's Closet
Gladiator Sandals Keestom (from last trip to Maui)

on my mother

Ventured on down to hippie town, also known as PAIA, for some shoppppin! Unfortunately most of the stores closed early, but we'll be making another stop there tomorrow. I saw the most gorgeous body chain/harness that I'm dying for.

Hope all is well, I know it sure is on my side of the island :)


Briana + Stephanie. said...

MEGA swoon!

Jenna said...

ain't you a pretty thing:) can't wait to make our studded dukes when you get back!

Morven said...

Thank for the comment and support over the last few months honey! Really means the world to me! xxx

Kimberly said...

gorgeous photos! love the outfit the hat is so cute! thanks for entering the giveaway!

giveaway on my blog!

celene ♥ said...

great photos !

lovvvvvvvve maui one of my fave places to go on holiday.

She's Under the Spell said...

looks like such a beautiful place.
I love your top and floppy hat!


jamie said...

beautiful photos <3

TheStreetFashion5xpro said...

Lovely photos!

SAMANTHA said...

amazing! did you camera take that incredible photo of the colorful flower?!! i love it! need to go here. :)


Mary ♥ Mur said...

♥ Love your blog so much.)) ♥

Moroccan fashion diary said...

lovely pics ! ♥♥


catflicks said...

thank you so much for your lovely comments :D i'm glad i put the photos up now!!
amazing photos! hope you're having fun :)

KatjaKCN said...

Thank you for your amazing comment! Soo Swweeeet!
I looveeeee this post :-D Im indeed a new follower!


p.s. i got my top from Forever21 and my hat from a local Halloween store for $10....i know crazy right? ;-)(LOVEEE your playlist too)

Wildflower said...

I just got back from Maui on Sunday! I fell so deeply in love. We visited Paia for a day as well. Where are you from?

Digging your blog quite a lot. xx

alisaVerde said...

the shot of the bamboo looks so professional. you got skillzzzz lol