Saturday, April 16, 2011

daisy dukes

I am lusting after these shorts... every single pair of them. Seriously, these just scream hot summer nights and laying by the beach..


One-of-a-kind custom dyed and studded vintage shorts by Christian Yasser Massuh..
these shorts are pure gold. 

Recently been featured in Nylon Mag and Urban Outfitters, soon to hopefully be in MY CLOSET. Ah, in love.

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catflicks said...

these are AMAZING!! I love the colour, the rips, the studs, the high-waist, everything!!!

Rach said...

what a great blog! you are so inspirational! :) if you get the chance could you check out my blog and tell me what you think? i would love your opinions! :)
follow me?

Erika said...

All of these cutoffs are fantastic, perfect for the summer!

Piia said...

Haa, those are so much fun!

You have a lot of gorgeous pics in your blog...<3


Chelsea Lane said...

ommggoosshh I NEED all of these! seriously gorgeous! I love the studded pockets. diy until I can nab a pair?! hehe

hope you're well girl!


Tegan said...

ahh man I need some daisy dukes, they are so American - definitely got to get some for summer! xo

Blush & Flats said...

love them !

vivI.Iviv said...

these are great!!! x


Jessica Ly said...

errrr definitely going out to purchase some dye sometime!

Carlinn said...

very cute! i wish i could pull them off! :)

Anonymous said...

so in love with these jean shorts... oh my god. i need every single pair. but especially the americana. i wana wana.

thanks for the follow pretty lady, blog love returned.


~elisa~ said...

I love it!

Come check out a fun fashion experiment at

The Paper Mulberry said...

Just wanted to pop across and say a huge thank you for such a lovely comment on my post! I adore your Daisy Duke loving (at the risk of seeming ancient - I wore them when the series first came out also had the most divine lilac and white stripe muslin shirt- cropped and tied above waist thanks to Daisy!!!) so summery!

Lex McCaughin said...

soooo freakin amazing. i cant stop staring. which do i want most??!! im making my own in all shades :)