Sunday, February 20, 2011

Miss Marissa

Seeing as how my immune system has decided to not cooperate, I'm spending the day re-watching (for the hundredth time) The OC. No joke, I've seen all of Season 3 at least ten times. I probably shouldn't admit to that..

Anyone else out there a fan? I know it's several years old, but Marissa Cooper has remained my muse for years. Partly because when I started watching the show I didn't live in "The OC," but once we moved here I felt like I was HER. Okay, that might be a little bit dramatic, but a girl can dream.. right? Marissa's style throughout the show definitely blossomed into a very chic, bohemian, California girl and I idolized it. Not to mention her luscious locks and to-die-for bod. Ah, whenever I'm in need of inspiration or feeling a bit lost I tend to turn to Miss Marissa.

Ah, forever a Marissa Cooper fan.


Renegade said...

Thanks so much for the comments! I used to LOVE the OC and of course Marissa was my favourite character, its just a shame Mischa Barton has had drug issues etc irl, it kind of ruins her for me, although i can't deny shes got some amazing clothes!!
We am now officially followers :) xxx

Amber @ said...

Another O.C. fan!!! What a great post of a beautiful girl! Too bad that show ended, whoever styled everyone on the show is a GENIUS!

Peonie said...

Watching the oc is like being with an old friend! I love this show and sad it got canceled. Love your blog!

Pixie Cosmina said...

she`s so lovely..

fashionwave said...

ahhh i miss this show. glad to see you're an oc fan :)
i have recently become addicted to 90210...i'm obsessed with gillian zinser!