Monday, February 21, 2011


We found him, we found him, we found him! For those of you who haven't heard.. or don't know who Banksy is, lemme fill you in!

Homedawg here is a street artist from Britain (and by street artist I don't mean graffiti, because what he does is SO much cooler). His identity is unknown, which I personally think makes this so much cooler, but he creates political/satirical places sporadically around the world. His work is currently popping up daily in Los Angeles so a couple of my gal pals and I decided to go on a hunt.. A Banksy hunt!

 (the "WE FOUND HIM" dance)

the following are not banksy.. but we gotta kick outta them

 i touched the butt..

teenage dream?
recognize this from the hills? "IF YOU'RE GOING TO CRY, GO OUTSIDE."

Of course we found out as soon as we got home from our little excursion that several other works have popped up.. Guess we'll have to be returning soon!


jamie said...

jealouss!!! im always on the hunt for art when im in the city. banksy would make my heart melt if i ever saw it in person. i went to sf to take a photo next to a miss van piece but when i got there it was taken down already. poop.

jamie said...

oh, and you and your girls should watch "exit through the gift shop" and then tell me what you think about it <3 at first my fiance and i thought it was going to be a movie about bansky... but......... its about some cat "mr brainwash" if you watch it after reading this comment you must tell me your thoughts afterwards <3

Chelsea Lauren said...

Ah! I was so bummed to find out that the Charlie Brown one got stolen and the Mickey one got taken down.. and I have yet to see Exit Through the Gift Shop! I started it the other night, but only saw the first 10 minutes or so. I'll get around to it this week and letchya know! :)

Siân Elizabeth-Anne said...

I found Banksy when I was at Sundance last year! I too went on a quest--it was oodles of fun. There is nothing better than a good quest.

The ones you found are super rad.

AND, thanks for the loverly blog comment. Also, I think I would die a little bit if my mom decided to upload her boudoir pictures to Facebook. GOOD LORD, haha.

Mathilde said...

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