Sunday, December 04, 2011

'Tis the Season

I absolutely love when the weather starts getting crisp and layering becomes a must. Sometimes I wish I lived some place cold ALL the time because I love sweaters, tights and layer upon layer.. Alas, I'll make due with the few chilly weeks we get here in Southern California. 

Current inspiration to keep me sane during finals week (I can't believe it's already finals week... of my freshman year in college. Is this real life?)

Christmas/Birthday Wishlist:

Boots (always), fun tops to layer from Free People & Billabong, Scarves/Beanies, Laptop Case, Body by Burberry, yoga pants x82438094823, RayBans (my other ones got stolen at work -_-) and a camera! What's on your list this year?

We shot our family Christmas cards last night.. here's a sneak peak.


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Backside Five said...

Love the style and the threads!