Monday, October 24, 2011

butterflies in her eyes

In all seriousness, I live in a fantasy world.. and most of the time I actually believe I'm walking around in some sort of butterfly mask/costume. Only today I made that visible for the rest of the world. :)

| dress XTAREN  | shoes STEVE MADDEN |

Photography by Gayle Dawn


Anonymous said...

That butterfly mask is incredible! So beautiful, and you're so pretty!!

Snapshot of a Northerner

J. said...

Wonderful shooting! And the petals in your hair add really that something!

P a i g e said...

I seriously love that first photo with all the leaves surrounding the frame. And that sick mask. And your AYMAYZIIING EYES. Such neat shots.

Anonymous said...

creative, you are stunning!

Gertrude said...

Your mask is so beautiful! Gorgeous pictures x