Friday, September 30, 2011

No More What If's

On average, humans spend 6 years dreaming.. 6 years of wishing, wanting and hoping for the "What If's" in life. Every day that passes is another day wasted and the world robbed of that passion; so stop. Stop asking "What If" and start saying "Let's". Don't settle--for anything, for that is just a cheap imitation of the life you were meant live.

Finally a minute to breathe, I've been going 10 million miles an hour lately-- the university is keeping me jam packed and I absolutely love every minute of it. I'm not settling, I'm not sitting back, I'm making my dreams a reality one step at a time.

Working on a bunch of designs/ideas and things for the future; can't wait to share after midterms!

For the current moment, I'm absolutely enamored with the new LF Lookbook. Enjoy ;)


Leticia said...

love these pictures! setting and style are just perfect. peace

Lynsey said...

Love your photos! You're a very talented photographer!
Inspirational blog :)

Wildthingsrunfast said...

Oh my, love the wanderlust feel of these photos. Definitely what I dream of.