Wednesday, August 24, 2011

parisian affair

It's difficult letting go of something that you've wanted for so long.. dreamed about for ages and was constantly on your mind. (ie. a handsome boy, a pair of kick ass jeans, an adorable little puppy or creme brulee)

But, in this case, after many long awaited years and dreams about the magical day i would prance down the streets of Paris... I'm not letting go forever. I gave France and everything in it the most heartfelt AU REVOIR (which isn't just goodbye.. because where's the good in that? but literally translates to "until the next seeing time."

So thank you Paris, for everything, and I'll be seeing you soon. Avec que (with that -Yes, I even buffed up my francais skills) I give an American GOODBYE to my hiatus and return to blogging just in time for school.

For those that are lucky enough to visit Paris here are a few things I would HIGHLY suggest (I apologize that they are quite touristy things.. I hate feeling like a tourist, but I'll have to reupdate when I live there someday)

*STEAK-FRITES for Dinner (Steak & French Fries)
We fell in love with this little place near our hotel - Le Relais de Venise, the line was CONSTANTLY out the door.. almost an hour wait but we ended up eating here twice it.. it was that good.

Dining in Paris can be extremely expensive, but many of the days we opted to pick up lunch while we got our morning croissants. Salmon sandwiches, salad and something sweet for 10euro? YEAH, much more economical. 

*COFFEE, again. We drank LOTS and LOTS of cafe au lait-- and believe me, these little street cafe's with tables and chairs lining the outsides are SO much better than Starbucks. No comparison there.

*EIFFEL TOWER, obviously. Impeccable view from Tracadero hill where that first image was snapped. We didn't actually go up in the tower-- too impatient to wait in the 2 hour line and WAY TOO many gypsies/street vendors creeping around. 

*METROS, saved my poor feet & cash from buying a pass.. and I also learned how to use the metros! Which for anyone that lives in LA is quite an accomplishment.. California should really invest in a subway system, just sayinnn'

*CATACOMBS, granted we had to wait in a 2 hour line (which wasn't so bad as we took turns getting latte's at the cafe right next to it). Very gross, very cool and kind of creepy.. These old mines turned into mass graves go on for 45 minutes of walking with bones piled high everywhere. Some even with designs-- I don't blame the people that had to stack the bones though.. I would have gotten bored too. Unfortunately, my brand new boots got covered with bone juice. YES, bone juice. It was quite moist in the tunnels and in places the ceiling would be dripping. So if you plan on going-- where close toed shoes you don't fancy too much. My mother wore flip flops.... ew.

*PERE LACHAISE CEMETARY, just because in another life I was married to Jim Morrison. And I also fancy cemeteries.. I find them extremely eerie & cool at the same time and these graves are absolutely beautiful/vintage.

*SHOPPING, SHOPPING, SHOPPING. The street markets (only open on certain days) have some pretty spiffy little knick knacks, but I did my fair share of shopping at H&M. Yeah.. I know, it's not Chanel or YSL by any means, but I prefer the European ones WAY more than the ones here. Another little store I fell in love with was "NafNaf"-- very classy and modest clothing that kind of look like you might be in a dollhouse.. but in a good way.

*STROLLING AT NIGHT, around the Seine & Louvre.. Absolument magnifique! The lights, the reflections in the water, and the essence of everything becomes so much more magical, I think. Every hour the Eiffel Tower lights up for 5 minutes in a dazzling show of glittering lights that adds to the indescribable "je ne sais pas" romance that France has. And, during the summer months (not sure about the rest of the year) you'll find many young Parisians dancing, singing, playing guitar and drinking along the Seine at night.. it's quite beautiful (they prefer drinking here opposed to a bar because it's much cheaper, and personally I find it more romantic.. I mean, who wouldn't want to fall in love on the Seine?)

I did not care for the stupid boat tours - BATEAUX MOUCHES. Waste of money, views aren't that great (other than the classy bum pictured up there) and FILLED TO THE BRIM with some of the strangest tourists I've ever seen.. But, it is quite entertaining for people watching if you're into that sorta thing-- which I totally am.

On my return I would still like to do the following:
-Actually go inside the Louvre
-Visit Pigalle/Moulin Rouge.. nicknamed "Pig Alley" for all the sex shops/prostitues on the street, but I think it'd be fun to check out.
-Tour L'Opera Garnier (I've heard the idea for the lake in Phantom of the Opera is based on the one underneath this place!)
-Bikeriding, because who wouldn't want to go on a bikeride in Paris?
-Wine-Tasting and Dancing, in that order.
-Be one of the young Parisians romancing the night away on the Seine
-Vintage/thrift shopping, and do more research on where to

And I'm sure there's a whole lot more.. but for now, au revoir! 


Jessica Kane said...

oh. my. gosh!!!!!
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Wildthingsrunfast said...

Wow, I love your take on paris.
It's refreshing to not see all the "touristy" shots.

Lexi said...

STUNNING Chels <3 gahh amazing post

Pés de Bailarina said...

lovely photos!

Lens & anything Else said...

I agree....Paris is kind of magic...

RAW Fashion Magazine said...

Absolutely gorgeous photos

Little Rus said...

Love Paris, too. With all my heart. And can't wait to go back there one day. It's going to be one very special trip, I just know. Thank you for sharing these beautiful moments and photos. x

Lucíe said...

I love all the photos, Paris is very nice!


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I just found out your blog and i loved it!! please come and visit my fashion wanderings!!!


Ioanna said...

I just found out your blog and i loved it!! please come and visit my fashion wanderings!!!


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True said...

this makes me miss Paris!

- True

Megan said...

Ah, Paris. I loved it when I was there! The Louvre is a must. I stayed in a little town just outside of Paris. I miss it so much! Can't wait to go back!