Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Collage Artist: Susan Wickstrand

Dude, this woman is so RAD! I stumbled upon some of her work last night and have been thinking about it all day.. possibly new additions to my room? Hmm, anyways here are some of my favorite collages by Susan Wickstrand. You can tell they're all very surf/beach inspired, and I am definitely feelin' the beachy vibes.. ah, get me outta here and to Cabo/Maui! Off to kill myself at the gym for a couple hours, enjoy! 

Susan's blog HERE
Shop  HERE


Chelsea Lane said...

WOW, I love these! makes me soo excited for summer, way inspiring :)



Sweet, Thanks Chel~SEA E! Great Blog! Happy you like the work. Pick out a free matted print for your efforts and I'll pop one in the mail to ya. DM me your addy.
Shop away, you've earned it;
ETSY Shop: http://www.SusanWickstrand.Etsy.com