Sunday, January 23, 2011

Outfit: Little Bit in Love With You


Knit Top: Forever 21 (shocker, right?)
Long Sleeve: Nordstroms
Shorts: Hurley
Boots: Very Volatile

Lovely day seeing my girls dance on stage for their performance at the school.. now after pushing it off all weekend, I suppose, I just might possibly study for my final. Here's to hoping!


Something Cakes said...

Love it, I have a similar pair of boots and have been trying to work out what to wear them with... <3 them with shorts!

vivalablonda said...

This outfit is great! and the quote was really inspiring x) Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog! Hope to see you again.

And I'm following you now, great blog!


ari said...

love your outfit! very laidback but very chic! Xx love that it's the perfect transition outfit for the coming spring season, also love how your jewelry pops against the black.

I love the sheer printed maxi dress! and the last peachy/salmon colored fringe dress! both so lovely, such a great lookboook.

brittany said...

beauuutiful pictures! love those boots. and you have such pretty hair, by the way!

Dominique said...

you look gorgeous in this outfit!!!

Taylor said...

I love your turquoise necklace.

purse 'n boots said...

this is my everyday sort of outfit!!! love it! and i just got a couple of the feather hair extensions in for a photo shoot i had today....i love them! but i have the hardest time trying to get the things out! last time my bf tried he ended up smashing the clasp and i had to cut a big giant piece out of my hair!! hahaa!! oh well!

ashley <3

Vanja Milicevic said...

great blog, this post is beautiful, lovely combo, and photos are amazin!!!you have one more follower! :)

popdisorder said...

Nice blog!