Monday, January 17, 2011

Golden Globe Fashion Favorites

Nude/peachy gold seemed to be the color of the evening for Young Hollywood. I'm lovin' it on these girls.

 Lea Michelle looks so sweet. Totally age appropriate and a definite glow to her. Megan Fox, is well.. Megan Fox. Not her finest moment, but I do like the bodice of the dress.

 Wasn't a huge fan of Emma Stone's blonde hair at first, but I think she looks pretty glam here! The tan definitely helps. She almost looks like a cross between Kate Bosworth and Lindsay Lohan (on her good days).

OH MY GOD, this emerald green color is absolutely GORGEOUS. Mila Kunis was jaw dropping last night (when is she not though?)
I really liked Olivia Wilde's dress.. for prom. Ha, it's very full at the bottom and not exactly what I would call Hollywood Glam/Chic, but it would make an excellent Prom Dress.


Anonymous said...

I have to admit when I first saw Emma Stone, I was confused about why Lindsey Lohan was out of rehab and on the red carpet. I loved her dress because it was so simple and elegant. It wasn't fussy, overdone, or as you mention, prom-worthy. She looked comfortable, classy and, personally, I think she was one of the best looks of the night.

Giselle said...

I loved Emma Stone and Claire Danes in Calvin Klein. So chic and perfect for spring.