Monday, December 13, 2010

Let's Get Some Shoes!

So I went to purchase these boots that I posted a few days ago

And found that I could get them cheaper on opposed to Lulu's. Plus free shipping? I'm all for that!

I had everything filled out and went to pay with my Paypal account and every single time I pressed enter an Error message would pop up. (Yes, I do have money in my account.. so that's not the problem). After trying what seemed like a million and a half times, and talking to customer service, yada ya, I gave up.

But, then I saw the picture of the boots and they were calling my name. Like seriously. So I continued to Google Search and found the same boots on

The original $45 dropped down to $33.50. I could hear my bank account cheering, until i noticed the $15 shipping charge. Seriously, $15 for shipping?! That's ridiculous. BUTTTTTT, they had the deal where if one spends $50, one receive Free Shipping.. So why not just buy another pair of shoes instead of paying shipping? Sounds like a good idea to me.

I found a pair I loved, unfortunately they didn't have the color I wanted in stock.. but I now NEEDED these shoes. So of course, I found them on another site.

URBANOG.COM is magic. Seriously, so so so many shoes at really inexpensive prices. They too had the spend $50 receive free shipping shindig going on..

Can anyone guess how I ended up with 3 new pairs of shoes? My actions are justified, I swear.

The bright blue booties were inspired by Blake's shoes here:
Hoping to find a similar dress of sorts to wear for my birthday!

Anyways, back at I found a few pairs that I wanted but couldn't decide and opted out for a White Dolman long sleeve to cover the cost of shipping.

Needless to say, it was a productive night. Mom, if you're reading this-- yes, I'll let you borrow the heels.

xx Chelsea


Gayle Exton said...

Love it, Chels! And yes, I most definitely will be borrowing!

Chelsea Lane said...

those buckle boots are aammaazziinnngg! :) this is like me reenacting cyber monday, when I placed no less than FIVE orders in a matter of one hour... haha, us crazy fashion bloggers!


Jessi said...

Awesome! I just love those boots! (Sigh)