Monday, December 13, 2010

And The Countdown Begins..

To my oh so loving friends that creep on my blog, if you're reading this and can't figure out what to get me for my birthday.. here's a little help.


Just kidding, let's be serious now..
The Mulberry "Alexa" Bag.. it's only a whopping $1,250. No big. ;)
I suppose I'll be a bit more realistic.
-Candles (Sandalwood Vanilla by Yankee Candle)
-Miss Marisa by Ebba 
-HATS! (I'm particularly in need of a fur bomber Russian-esque hat.. okay, that's a weird description, lemme put a picture on here)

-PINK pajama's (not the actual color pink)

On a side note.. I was extremely productive tonight and got NONE of my essay done. That's just how dedicated I am to Honors English.. (I really do enjoy the class, we're currently reading fairytales and it's really interesting, but.. well, you know how addicting fashion blogging is)

*I'm almost 100% positive that I'm getting blonde highlights done this week. As much as I like my ombre hair right now, I'm feelin' a bit drabby (is that even a word? It is now..) and my hair needs to be kicked up a few notches. 

Kinda feelin' Giselle's balayaged highlights? Ya dig?

OH, ANDDDDD I'm pretty sure I'm going to see As Tall As Lions on Saturday for my birthday! I haven't bought the tickets just yet (waiting to see if a certain few people can go) but if that works out.. it would be INCREDIBLE. They're doing their last few shows before they officially split up, so I'm sure it would be an amazing show.. and being dressed up in Los Angeles for the night? Sounds good to me!

Ending with a bang, here's a couple inspiring looks from French Elle. MM, love.

And hey, a few from Wildfox's new collection.

5 DAYS TIL MY BIRTHDAY! (not including today, which is now Monday seeing as how it's 12:40 am.. I should really get to bed, but the Peppermint White Mocha I had at Starbucks has got me wired.)

xx Chels


Chelsea Lane said...

HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAAAYYYY!!! I totally want a fur hat too, I've heard them called trapper! love those french Elle shots <3


SABINNA and DAVID said...

absolutly love the last photoshoot!!

xx, Sabinna and David

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