Tuesday, December 21, 2010

history repeats itself

as does fashion.

I spent Saturday at my grandma's for our annual Christmas gathering, and one of my loosely related relatives (that i haven't seen in probably 10 years) was questioning me about today's fashion. The old man was SO adorable and was wondering if it was acceptable to be sporting the shoes he had on as he compared them to everyone else's.

He said, "Notice how you're in heels, my daughter has already shed her shoes and is walking around in socks. Your dad is in flip flops (God Bless California weather that allows sandals in winter), and your mom's shoes. Are mine okay to be wearing? Are they in style?"

I began to chuckle as he asked this, seeing as how these shoes tend to remain classics, but also Urban Outfitters has recently been carrying very similar ones. We then got into talking about how fashion repeats itself and it steals inspiration from other eras and cultures.

And then yesterday, I became the young grasshopper as I shadowed one of the buyer's for Macy's. Such a COOL experience and I learned so much.
-the whole process of buying
-where trends tend to originate
-east coast vs. west coast fashion (with west being edgier and ahead of the trend, WHAT WHATTT!)
-how they regionally place items and how many units depending on demographic
-how to change the aesthetic of the store and placing items cases for maximum exposure
-conference call with staff in new york

Andddd a bunch of other cool stuff. I got to view the lookbooks for almost every season since 2006 that Macy's has carried. The entire experience was extremely interesting and my "sensi" is definitely a good connection to have.

He believes that "fashion is cyclical. Everything repeats in one way or another, it's simply a new interpretation of the past. For instance, this year boots are selling like crazy-- I haven't seen that influx in boots for about 7 years now."

 Gonna go trump through the stormy weather with my camera in hand. Caroline is determined to find the sparkly gold OPI nail polish from the Burlesque Collection.. it's sold out almost everywhere here.



tianne.nguyen said...

burlesque gold shiny nail polish: I HAVE IT!!!! i got it at this beauty supply store in little saigonnn!!! sooo cheap tooo..$4 for OPI and $3 for Essie. I'll take us one day when i'm in need of new nail polish, which is very sooon :)

Chelsea Lane said...

you got to shadow a buyer?! what a cool opportunity! these photos are so gorgeous, so cute about that man asking you about fashion :) I love this post!


Jazzy E (hivennn) said...

lovely x hivennn.