Sunday, December 19, 2010

birthday magic

It's 4AM and I REALLY need sleep, but I just finished loading up pictures from tonight and I had to post them. Oh and these past couple of days have been filled with a ton of birthday magic. (a period of time that envelopes the birthday girl/boy that can slightly rub off on others-- good things are inclined to happen and luck seems to be at it's peak).

Thursday night a few of my girls and I volunteered at a hospital for the Living the Dream Foundation and passed out gifts/hung out with kiddos.A band came to play and I got serenaded by one of the members! (*first sign of birthday magic starting, hehe) It was the cutest thing ever.

After volunteering we went and saw a late showing of Black Swan. It was really twisted & really good. Both Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis slimmed down so much for their roles, and both of them are incredible.

 (LOVE LOVE LOVE Nylonmag)

Friday night we ended up at a punk-rock show in LA, but the police came and shut the venue down (due to permits or something). The band members weren't going to let that stop them though and called a bunch of places. The show got relocated within 10 minutes (*2nd sign of birthday magic.) Not exactly my kinda scene.. but it was definitely an interesting experience, to say the least. Ash and I were on the walls of what I like to call a "whirl-pool mosh pit." As soon as the lights went out, the crowd parted like the Red Sea and a bunch of kids started kick-punch dancing and everyone around them took a few steps back. As the kiddos in the middle got roudier, they ran into the walls of people who push them and then they all crash in the middle. They all end up spinning in circles and falling over each other.

Scary to be in.. fun to watch from the outside. Ha

-Manicure & pedicure with mama and Ash
-Bought a scratcher (AND WON, well.. another scratcher, which i still need to pick up.. but still! *3rd sign of birthday magic.)
-Cigarettes & a lighter (I don't smoke..) just because I turned 18 and am LEGAL, ha.
-Starbucks with Ash

We went to this place called The Smell in LA tonight. TOTALLY RAD.
The place is covered in art/graffiti and continuously hosts indie/experimental bands.

This girl might look vaguely familiar.. Anyone seen Paper Hearts? I haven't yet.. but I NEED to. What about Knocked Up?

Guess who met her tonight?! (*4th sign of birthday magic!) 
Her name is Charlyne Yi, and her band Fatty Dearest is one of my newest favorite bands. Unfortunately they don't have anything released yet, but believe me.. they're good! Oh and they had a really cute drummer/guitar player/singer guy.. Jack of all trades, I was trying not to drool..

Oh and I survived the horrific traffic and numerous accidents on the 405 due to the rain. BIRTHDAY MAGIC! It exists, I'm tellin' ya.

Anywho, I'll definitely be venturing to that venue more often and am looking into some other indie-rock venues to check out. Currently listening to Moses Campbell (the last band that played tonight) and they're glorious.

Here's a few random pics from tonight:

(wet hair is soooo attractive..)



Looks like you definitely had some birthday magic! Love your boots too! xo

Natasha said...

Great photos! I love your top xxx