Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Cats and Rocking Chairs

Just kidding, my post isn't about cats and rocking chairs.. but the fabulous Morven Watson of Cats and Rocking Chairs.

She may be the cutest girl out there and has a wicked sense of style! Her looks are very well put together and definitely give off an effortless chic vibe.. oh and did I mention she has awesome hair?

Check her out HERE.

 Behind on posts.. things have been crazy with SAT prep, work and well.. life. This is the first time all break that I've seen my best friend! Yeah, I've been that busy. She and I made a much needed trip to Forever 21 tonight and there went my first pay check.. but hey, it was necessary. Oh and just as we were leaving it started POURING rain, so ya know, I just had to buy the cutest hat to keep somewhat dry.

I'll have pictures soon! And I'm probably going to re-ombre my hair.

xx Chels

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