Sunday, November 21, 2010



Miley's hair and makeup look gorgeous.. can't say the same thing for the dress. Although the front of the dress is uber cute, the rest of it looks like a roll of toilet paper.   

And here she looks like a Pagan worshiper or something? Um..

Mandy Moore is HOTT, her legs look fabulous.

I think Willow Smith is the cutest thing, EVER. I adore that entire family, I think they are extremely talented and well.. I'll always love my Fresh Prince.

 Lil' bit confused by Ke$ha's eyebrows.. and the mohawk. She said somewhere her inspiration was her recent sky-diving and how her hair looked afterwards.. but really? That's the only reason it should look like that.

Fergie looks like she ran over a peacock.

Wasn't a fan of Rihanna's hair at first.. but it's starting to grow on me. And the dress! My God, girl knows how to rock an outfit.

Is Nicki Minaj TRYING to make up for the absence of Gaga tonight? Cuz it certainly DID NOT work. Her hair looks like Kermit the Frog threw up on it, or she fell into a radio active swamp. The dress was just weird in general. I can't seem to find a picture of her shoes, but they looked like they were fashioned after Mama Monster. 1809380234 inch sqaure like stilettos?

Miss Katy Perry is topping my charts lately. I think she's quirky and has pretty rad style. Her makeup is flawless I like her usual version of the pin-up girl. But the ensemble she wore for "Fireworks" wasn't the most flattering piece. Her arms looked super toned, but the pants just weren't doing anything for her middle.

Probably my favorite dress of the night. ^^

Kay, so not the greatest picture of Michael Buble.. but MMMM, 'nuff said.

Oh, and am the only one that was slightly disturbed by the Backstreet Boys/New Kids mash up? There was a reason that boy bands died with the turn of the decade.


That's WAY too much boy band for one stage..


Chelsea Lane said...

love your recap! miley's dress is super weird, do you walk with that? that's like a nine thousand foot train in the middle of nowhere! pretty much agree with everything (except t. swift, I've never liked her! ;)


Chelsea Lauren said...

Haha, right?! And it's so short.. I'd be worried about having to pull the darn thing down all the time.

And awhh, T's my girl. I dressed up as her for Halloween last year, well at school. Had to keep it PG :)

vnikali said...

whats up with that skeleton dress hahaha
katy perry is so pretty~~
thanks for sharing honey

(In)Sane said...

Cool blog you have here. And thank you so much for the blog comment, it was really sweet of you.
Sorry I couldn´t really say that much about the post itself, but I haven´t watched the AMA´s.


Daniela Gandra said...

ooh thank you so much! :) such a nice blog! and I love taylor's neew look too!

hiven said...

lovely x hivennn.

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