Sunday, October 31, 2010


Searching for Homecoming dresses a couple years ago, I fell in love with a gorgeous Jovani dress. The cut, the sparkle, the SHADING! This was my first introduction to the term "Ombre" meaning  "shaded or graduated in tone." The dimension the shades created gave the extra pop, some "oomph" to an otherwise generic dress.

Reappearing a matter of seasons later, I took particular notice to Lauren Conrad's new do at her appearance on the Wendy William's show. I immediately googled her hair-- searching for a way to describe this look for my stylist. And there it popped up, "OMBRE".

Though most of the blonde at the tips is from her extensions, she recently took them out. The effect is clearly evident and I love love love it.

The "ombre" look can be described as Californian surfer hair-- with the bleached ends and grown-in darker roots, as if alluding to a summer spent surfing and laying on the beach.

While some are not too keen on the effect, claiming "why pay to look broke?" I certainly do not feel the same. Granted, if the look isn't properly carried out or the shades are too extreme it can look pretty grungy.

Not really a fan of Drew Barrymore's take.. but when has she been known to be a trend-setter anyways?

Here's a few gals who are currently pulling off the look quite well:

Not only is the ombre look IN, but it is also economical. Instead of having highlights redone every month and a half, grown out roots only add to the effect. Saving money and not having to worry about the dreaded dark roots? I'M DOWN!

In order to attain this look, I highly suggest not DIYing. Money spent at the salon is well worth it, as the process can be quite difficult.

My stylist split my hair, and clipped up about a third of it on top of my head.
Proceeded with teasing 1-2 inch sections of hair, and applying balayage highlights (painting on), then foiling it. This continued almost all throughout the bottom portion of my hair
 *The number of foils will depend on how prominent of a look you want.

She let the rest of my hair down and sporadically painted on the rest of the bleach, some in the front to break it up and the rest from about my chin down.

I am loving the pop it gave my hair, and it's definitely a fun way to bring my recently dyed dark brown hair back to blonde (instead of going through the mousy brown stages).

I'll post a picture soon!



Anonymous said...

i am getting this done next trip to the salon. Wat is the music ur playing i love it?

Jenna said...

the very beginnnning! i just found your site today. i'm not far from Hungington and i just started my blog. you're so inspirational:]