Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Chelsea Boots

So it's been a while... okay, a long, LONG, while. I keep flirting with the idea of refreshing, revitalizing and renewing this blog -- and while I have a whole list of ideas, balancing school, work and a social life are more than enough right now. However, there is promise in the future.

Anyways, I am here today to express my utter disgust with TopShop and the quality (or lack thereof) of their products as well as unabashedly dismissing my review of one of their products and not caring one bit about their customer value or worth. That said, TopShop - I'M FURIOUS.

Before I venture in to just why I'm furious, let me illustrate why I was in dire need of a good product and just how beautiful a good pair of boots can be. After working at Kurt Geiger (a higher-end London based shoe company) for a year, I had learned the ins and outs of a good shoe. I admit, I became a bit of a snob, and found it pointless to purchase anything made of "faux leather". I noticed how good soles were stitched at the bottom, the quality of the leather, the carefully crafted design and placement of glue and straps. So when I ventured into the market looking for a pair of quality, yet not too pricey Chelsea boots, I knew exactly what I was looking for.

As I'm currently budgeting my funds and saving for a semester in Paris, I'm buying only essentials that can be recycled from outfit to outfit and styled in as many ways possible. I wanted a black, comfortable boot, under the $100 range (some Chelsea boots can run upwards of $300 or more, but that honestly is silly and mostly for the brand name.. such rubbish). Anyways, I searched through blogs looking at reviews and pictures of styling - absolutely falling in love all over again with Alexa Chung's effortless street style (I mean, who doesn't?) I had thoroughly convinced myself that these would serve as the ideal staple piece/boot that I had been looking for.

*Prior to the Chelsea boots, my go to black chunky boots were these Jeffrey Campbell's by Free People. I adore these, however,  they have a short heel and I discovered it wasn't ideal when walking around all day (primarily when I was touring sites in London/Ireland/Scotland). Along with the straps and gold touches, sometimes they were a bit too much when I needed a simple boot, but still very happy with them.

 As seen here by one of my favorite local bloggers/fashion aficionado - AscotFriday

Anyways, I finally came across these "Month Chelsea Boots" by Topshop and fell in love. The simple design and clean aesthetic, combined with the reasonable price and 100% leather had me swooning. I searched a bit more and realized I wasn't going to find anything at a lower price that had exactly what I was looking for. I decided as a treat to myself for my 21st birthday, I'd invest in these bad boys. Purchase complete.

The shoes arrived and I started trying them on with every outfit until every corner of my room was hidden from daylight. I had maxi dresses tied up on one side, tea length skirts, funky rompers, black skinny jeans, dark boyfriend jeans - everything looked complete with an added bit of edge and a dash of "she just threw that together and it looks FANTASTIC." My mind was colorful with all the possibilities and I knew that these were just what I was looking for.

Image from charmainescloset

Image from theluxeheritage

Image from HeelsandPeplum

Image from la-mignonette

To my dismay, a few weeks later and only after wearing these several of times - the rubber grip on the heel disappeared! If it had been falling off, I hadn't noticed, but I certainly did when I ended up sliding across and falling in my French classroom! Talk about embarrassing... The rubber grip abandoned me at my time of need and left me with a slippery, wooden jut on the bottom of my boot that practically made me an ice skater sans the goofy costumes. I was utterly disappointed, and since I had no idea when the grip fell off, it wasn't something I could super glue back on at home. Now, I may end up taking these to the shoe repair simply to get the required mending, but for $90, I would expect shoes that can withstand a couple of wears!

So, in an effort to let TopShop know about the poor quality of their shoes, my utter disappointment and discourage others from buying these boots - I wrote a review. 
Apparently TopShop wasn't too thrilled with this review about their product and ended up REJECTING it from the customer reviews. Excuse me? I followed the directions - I did not curse, bad mouth other stores and was accurate/truthful in my review. I feel as if this is extremely rude and does not reflect that of quality customer service or customer product/appreciation.

Seriously, rejected? 

"Love, Topshop" ?! Yeah, right.
Anyways, wondering if anyone else has had any problems with TopShop customer service and or products? I feel as though any company that truly valued their customers and products would either a) refund me b) send me a new pair free of charge b) repair them for me and least of all PAY ATTENTION TO MY COMMENTS. Very, very frustrated.   

On a diametrically opposite note, I was sitting on the shuttle leaving school yesterday with a handful of people that had just gotten out of my same class. A lovely lady and I started chatting about the professor, the class and majors and she gave me the sweetest compliment, saying "This may be creepy, but I've admired your style from afar all semester (insert giggle here)." Needless to say, I was extremely flattered and it's nice to know that others appreciate those that dress well. Alright, that meets my narcissistic quota for the week.

xx, Chelsea


MaryLou131 said...

I say it all the time. Boots are amazing. Better than throwing on a pair of flip flops.

MaryLou131 said...

I say it all the time. Boots are amazing. Better than throwing on a pair of flip flops.