Thursday, May 19, 2011

star spangled shorts

Maybe it's the air warming up and the taunting of summer's arrival.. or maybe I'm just feelin' super patriotic, but I am diggin' the up and coming American flag trend.

pc NastyGal and a bunch of random tumblrs.. sorry!

And RunwayDreamz, I love you.. but I'm not forking up $120 for a pair of shorts. So, I MADE MY OWN. Muahhahahah, wow.. sorry, really weird mood.. must be the paint fumes.


Oh and look at the LuckyFlirts bracelet I received from Shea Marie of Cheyenne Meets Chanel!


dani said...

Shut upppp make me someeee!

<3 The Daily Dani

Emma C Wills said...

love the trend too! And it works to much better that the british flag on a pair os shorts due to the dual aspect. Love how you diy-ed them!
I just googled runwaydreamz to see how much they cost-bloody hell, they are expensive! I love the floral ones so much, maybe if I win a scratch card one of these days haha.

Rebel Attitude said...

i love this trend so much that yesterday I bought a beautiful clutch with it!!

Kisses from Spain, I follow you!!

Jessica said...

I'm loving this trend right now. After all the American Flag Litas are phenomenal! And I really want a pair of American flag shorts too though mostly likely I'd do a DIY too.