Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Just Beachy

Floral Oversized Sweatshirt Luna B
Black Long Sleeve Forevaaa 21
Denim Shorts Hurley
Turquoise Necklace/Ring Vintage
Knee High Fringe Boots Very Volatile

My mama called me up this afternoon and was like, "Hey Chels.. you'll probably like what I'm wearing today.." And I just kind of laughed it off.. like right mother.

First, you've gotta know that my mom and I have THE BEST relationship and we like to share clothes (more like I take her clothes and she never see's them again..) Anyways, she's always impressed with what I can whip up off my bedroom floor (I think) and claims she would never be able to rock anything as funky/stylish.

BUT, obviously she was wrong.. cuz here she is lookin' like a stunnnnna! AND, she brought home some uber chic, beachy, long skirts. Hehe, thanks mother. :)

She is wearing 
MY Braided Belt Marilee's Swimwear
Grey Slouchy Tee Luna B
.. and i am unsure about the origins of that skirt


Paola. said...

nice outfit:) i like the pics!

lauren.p.tenney said...

hot damn mamma!!
love you both xoxo

Jana K. said...

Thank you so much for your comment!! haha I appreciate it!

I like your blog:)

much love,


Natalie Suarez said...

beautiful! i love these looks! :)

ChefGayle said...

White Eyelet Skirt - Venus catalog
YOUR necklace? - from the jewelry stash my step-grandmother left us when she passed away

And thanks, Lauren!! Hee hee! <3