Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Few of My Favorite Things

 dis skull dress/shirt i made

 new posters in my room

deeeeeze rings.. not all at once, mind you

surprise texts from my mother saying we're going to mexico for thanksgiving


pretty sparkly things

 colored zinc
..and those long days out in the sun/ocean that require it

summer afternoons without a care in the world

doodles in class that become artwork

 when people wear my designs


elizabethtown, kirsten dunst & orlando bloom

 scruffy men, especially this one.. and shameless

 the boy i was dating last summer was obsessed with the world cup.. i got a kick outta this shirt

 sooooper old pictures of my little brother, they make me giggle everytime

 this building in huntington 

 peacock bandeau and painting

 leaving for hawaii next weekend
a week filled with surf, sand, snorkeling & relaxation..
life's good :)


Emma C Wills said...

love the skull shirt girl! you look gorgeous. Also i love coloured zinc, bought one yesterday ha, though I look like a bit of a tit wearing it in england so i'm saving it for beaches abroad (its briggghttt pink ) Love your blog xx

Sabrina T. said...

love the rings!!!great and this inspiration is very interesting for me:)
Would you follow me if you like my blog dear??i'll do the same back..i wait u kiss

eliza sloane said...

alll of these pics are killlling me!!! omg why cant summer just be here already!? have a wonderful time in hawaii :-) jealousy is setting in...

Paige said...

Oh haaaaaayyy! I.. uh.. live in Hawaii.. PLEASE tell me your coming to Oahu? Guesssss who's totally gonna come cruise with you for a day!

Chelsealauren said...

Paigeeeee! We're gonna be in Maui

purse 'n boots said...

ahhhhhi looooove all of your rings! but i think allll at once! hahaha and i love your is so inspiring! and i love that you have a coco too!!! and i am hating our bipolar weather too...and i love hanging out on my roof and tanning too!! california girls! haha!!

ashley <3