Wednesday, April 06, 2011

And In That Moment... We Were Infinite

Looking up at the sky tonight I had a flashback to the night I fell in love with the stars. 

You know that childish wonder and delight that just dances across young faces? At the age of seven, I was consumed by it-- everything I heard was followed by numerous "but why" questions. 
The sky is blue... but why?
The grass is green... but why?
My dad would always do the best he could to answer my never ending spiral of questions, but sometimes, he'd look up in the sky and say "I'm not sure about that, Chels... One day you'll have to ask God."

So I thought, that maybe, just maybe if I looked harder and longer at the stars that somehow God would telepathically send me the answers. And do remember, this is coming from the mind of a seven year old.

Anyways, that summer we were up North visiting my Grandma's house on the lake. One night as we were driving down an overgrown road covered in gravel and brush, she told us to look up, and it was in that moment that I fell in love with the stars. Something about the way they danced and flickered across the sky... it looked as if the milky way was slowly dripping down. And I thought to myself that if I looked or reached or dreamed hard enough, that one day I might be able to catch one. 
I ended up seeing three shooting stars that night.

There are bigger things here than you and me, and you can question them all you want but there are an infinite number of questions and answers to every situation and sometimes you just have to take things as they are. That doesn't mean stop asking questions or curb the curiosity, but keep an open mind and open arms.

Be thankful for the world around you and everything has a reason/purpose for being.

(photos from lundland & planet blue)

And this is what I painted last night..

PS. I'll be announcing the giveaway winner tomorrow. :)


Tegan said...

All these pictures are so, so beautiful! xo

Paige said...

The perks <3