Thursday, March 31, 2011

Vintage Mini Dress GIVEAWAY

Hey all! So this is my first giveaway post and I'm pretty darn stoked.. Cuz I know I like free stuff, so I'm assuming errrrreone else does too. :)

This g o r g e o u s vintage mini polka dot dress has been provided by Sophia of trashbagblack

Vintage 70's button up dress (or shirt depending on how it's worn) with flowy arms
 Loose fit and small slits up the side
Size M/L

Leave name and spaced out e-mail address (to prevent spam mail) in a comment below this post

Must include favorite item(s) from Sophia's Etsy Shop
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Entry Deadline: Wednesay 4/6

Make a wish! 

x chelsea


Fash Boulevard said...

Hey Chelsea. I love these pictures. you are so beautiful. I'm super glad I found your blog. I'm following now, I hope you will to. My sites all about celebrity fashion from an LA stylist. Today we had breaking news from Rachel Zoe's former assistant Brad, who shared a secret with Fash Boulevard first. xoxo

Sophia said...

!!!!!! loooks so fabulous on you!! :) I'm so happy it's up!!
I'm so glad we were able to work this out :)

xx, sophia

sara l said...

looks great!

Cylia said...

that is such a cute dress.. always wanted one. you look super pretty:)


Gorgeous look...lovely shots and post!

Jagger said...

omgomgomgomgomgomgomg, that dress has to be in my closet right now. i love it with the cowboy boot! it looks like something marykate would wear. and i like that turban a lot.

already following you &&&& now following sophia. from her shop i love
-butterfly top: beige
-vintage red silk top
she has really cool stuff!

e-mail jagger . t p m @ gmail . c o m


Mavery said...

this is so cute!

i like both of the butterfly tops in her shop, i would wear those every single dayyyyyyy

email mavery woods @ gmail . com

and of course i'm following you both!

Danelle said...

This dress is gorgeous!

My favs from Sophias shop are the white floral skirt and vintage Anne Klein belt...I love them both so much!

Email: d . werstiuk @ gmail . com

My fingers are crossed :)

Diana caitilin said...

my fav is butterfly top!super love

jamie said...

good luck ladies, this is such a cool giveaway!

ali said...

i love the vintage red silk top! AND this dress!


Julie {AfternoonFrosting} said...

Love this dress! So freakin cute! Especially on you! Love love. xxx


MariloƩ said...

soooo cool and beautiful!! love the last pic. amazing

Shall we follow each other (via google friends)? Would mean a lot to me <3 . Let me know

Vanessa Valdivia said...

Beautiful dress ♥! You look so cute, nice photos.

Hugs from:

Alexia said...

GORGEOUS pictures! Just wondering, who's your photographer? xoxo

Chelsealauren said...

Thank you! My mama takes most of my pics :)

Francesca said...

you look stunning in this dress you should keep it for yourself :P haha. sadly it would be too big for me :( and yes word verification is so annoying when you're blogging from your iphone! xx

Vintage Rules said...

Love this dress

Lauren said...

you're just so fab chelsea my dear <3
these photos are gorgeous...typical.
ps. love the trash can photo shoot!

Julie Iliana said...

is it to soon to say ILY? :) you are the sweetest coolest awesomest person ever! thank you sososo much for your sweet comment! ♥ I totally do the same thing when I see someones icon and think "they look hip! or artsy! or cute" haha. I think we're all guilty in doing so at one point or another, so no judging from me! I've also learned a lot about myself and started picking up on things again when I began blogging; photography being one of them and starting to care more about my style (not conceitedly of course. I really want to get away from the jeans/sandals/tee uniform) and seriously, another perk about blogging is meeting so many awesome people! and people from not only the other side of the country, but from the other side of the world :) anywho, you've got a new follower too and I'm so entering this giveaway because let's face it, I'm one of those people who like free stuff, ha!

PS- I did the tie thing too... or at least tried :S eek!


Julie Iliana said...

oops, forgot to comment with my name and info :p

julie iliana

favorite items: Vintage Deep Purple Bikini/ Bra top, Vintage Anne Klein Belt
followed Sophia's blog
and following you of course!

yay good luck to me!

Strawberry Freckleface said...

Love this song on your page...and your hair. :-)

strawberry freckleface

Amira said...

Like your style! Great turban! follow you) Follow me?

Nef 'n Nat said...

toatally loving the headband xx

I V Y said...

i love the midnight floral shirt.

followed her blog on google.

followed your blog on google.

zebra-and-meerkat-blog (at) hotmail (dot) com


zebra and meerkat shop

Briana + Stephanie. said...

obsessed! crossing my little fingers!
love, love, love her vintage midnight floral!

Briana + Stephanie. said...

following you both!

fitsz said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
fitsz said...

loveee the tan butterfly top & the vintage jean shirt/dress!

Danielle ;) obviouslyyy

fitszzzz at yahoo dot come!/fitsz

Miss Bias said...

Thanks for the giveaway.

I love the Red Vintage Vest from the Etsy Store.

Already following Sophie's blog. Now following your blogvia Bloglovin.

Miss Bias
missbias @

Kate said...

Beautiful pictures! The dress/shirt is so gorgeous and looks great with that belt. I love your last picture!! Following you both.

LIGH✝Sdrivemysoul said...

Lovvve the vintage dress, you looks beautiful! Thanks so much for your sweet comment, it means a lot when people actually take the time to converse with me rather than leave a repetetive three word post haha. Tanning on the roof sounds like a dreaaaam-unfortunately, I barely got ANY color yesterday-and now it's back to grey skies! & good luck with the boy! It sounds like he's grown a lot!

burgundy boots said...

Oh wow, totally in love with this dress! Can I please win?

w a r n e r l w h i t n e y @ y a h o o . C o m

Is that what you mean by spaced out?

Hannah said...

A friend from LMU introduced me to your blog and I'm totally inspired. Keep posting please!

<3 Hannah

Jenna said...

i'm so glad i found your site. i can't wait to visit the hungington boutiques now! check out the rings i'm making/selling on The Freckled Husky.

Keep posting, you're a daily read:]

sbot said...

Love your eye make-up, you have gorgeous eyes!

Thanks so much for your comment, check out my new post if you like : )


Lexi said...

I'm obsessed with the vintage black sequin shrug - because I love everything that sparkles!

lexikritzer @

xox Lexi
Glitter & Pearls