Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Under a Spell

Yeah.. I just can't get enough. So here's more pictures from Spell Designs !

And if I had $160 just lying around, this baby would be MINE. 
Anyone want to get it for me? ;)

Check out their shop HERE.
and their BLOG.


Lexi said...


xox Lexi
Glitter & Pearls

calla said...

wahhhh... i love those rings in the first pic!


Anu said...

Wow, i love the native feeling in them, feathers and fangs <3

- Anu

Spell said...

Aghh!!! Thank you for the post!! Big hugs! And who's this singing?? amazing!!

X Lizzy!

Chelsea Lauren said...

Of course! And I wish I could tell you.. but I've got a rotating playlist, ha :)

il etait une fois... said...

i heart spell! everything they do is on another level.

B xx

Emma said...

want want, wish I could get it all!!! (:

xoxo Emma