Monday, March 28, 2011

A Toast to Monday

Good morning, all! 
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Had a beautiful start to my week waking up for a 3 mile Sunrise walk with my mama. I haven't done that walk in quite a while and it's funny (and kind of cool) that as we walk & I talk I'm starting to notice "photographs" in the scenery. As strange as that sounds, my eyes are becoming more trained/inclined to notice what places would be gorgeous for a shot or be absolutely breathtaking if the sun where to hit just right. There's places around my neighborhood that don't look like they belong at all, and I LOVE them. When I get the chance I will definitely be stealing my mom's camera for a bit and scout the area.

And to top off my morning.. Spell Designs added new photos that I couldn't resist posting! Seriously, anything they touch turns to gold, and I'm DYING to get my hands on their designs.


 They REALLY need to open a shop in California
more photos on their blog !

Monday's Inspiration consists mainly of cozy things & Native American styles (what else is new? Ha, I just can't get enough)

*not sure why some of those images turned out so small.. i switched to Aperture last night, so maybe while they were transferring? bummmmmed

Is it embarrassing to admit that this is SO me?
 I would much rather be doing dissss than going to school right about now.


Victoria said...

Great post, I love all the studs and fringe and different textures :)
Lovely blog!

VicissitudiniLombarde said...


Jasmin said...

love these pictures, they're absolutely gorgeous, love how many textures are going on, and how liberating they feel. x

Briana + Stephanie. said...

so so so pretty!

Claire Dub said...

Another awesome set of images!

Jane Alisa said...

Great collection of images, perfect inspiration for my summer wardrobe. xoxo

Wise Rabbit Says said...

AMAZING pictures !
i would love for you to check out my blog and tell me what you think

catflicks said...

i LOVE these photos! they're amazing, i need to get all of those clothes in my wardrobe!!

Wise Rabbit Says said...

now following :)

joana said...

Ohh such an amazing post, inspired by Pocahontas!!

mirjam schuurkamp! said...

love your blog so much 2!
thanks for the adorable comment!

i have a new outfitpost maybe you can take a look?
everyday a new post

xo model from holland

LIGH✝Sdrivemysoul said...

Thank you so much for all of your sweet comments, and for including me in this post! I lovvve it!

Piia said...

I LOVE the pic of a girl wearing a shiny shirt!! And there´re so many other great details..Really could spend hours staring at these:D


Julie {AfternoonFrosting} said...

Love the tons of pictures! So cool!


femmefatale said...

thanks for visiting my blog! i love yours - i'm having a little trouble locating the blog follow feature? but i'd love to follow you!


SAMANTHA said...

Lovee these photos, great style :) thanks for your sweet comment too! I am following you now via google ;)


jamie said...

loving these shots dear. i do the exact same thing when im driving ;) im like OMG that would be a cool place for blog photos! hehehe. muah! i hope the start to your week is going well <3

Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

That lace tunic dress should be mine - love the boho chic vibe!

Chic 'n Cheap Living

Emma said...

love all the photos, gorgeous!!!
Following hope u check out my blog...


purse 'n boots said...

LOVE this post!!! not only do i also share your love for spell, but also for planet blue, and my girl mandy from oracle fox!! she's coming back to la next week and im so excited to see her again! and thank you thank you SO much for the kind words! my friend set me up with the job at planet blue years ago, when I wasn't even looking! i wa a buyer for 5 years previous, and it magically happened! it is a TON of fun, but also an insane amount of work! but i love it and im soooo lucky to be able to do all the things I do with them. and don't ever hesitate to ask anyyyy questions! hope you had a great weekend babe!

ashley <3

Petra said...

Hi!!! So inspiring ur blog! Loved those laced pants, fringed purses and highlighted hairs!!

Petra said...

Hi!!! So inspiring ur blog! Loved those laced pants, fringed purses and highlighted hairs!!

Petra said...

Hi!!! So inspiring ur blog! Loved those laced pants, fringed purses and highlighted hairs!!

Petra said...

Hi!!! So inspiring ur blog! Loved those laced pants, fringed purses and highlighted hairs!!

michelle_ said...

these photos are sooo inspiringgg !
i love anything boho with fringes.. loose cuts.. wavy hair..

liv said...

Amazing post, totally loving on every single image!

And isn't it funny how all the creativity around us/in blog land gives you totally different eyes..
You learn to see the beauty in things you never noticed before.

Great blog lady.

x x x x Liv

Milly said...

holy sh*t I love the lace pants, and lace shorts. ....omgggggg I want them so badly!!! loving the whole hippie/native jewlery too esp that cutout cuff bracelet!!!

NiNi said...

Hey You're right their designs are adorable!! Great you helped me finding them ;) Thanks for your visit on my blog and for your comment! hugs Nini

Olivia Tinker said...

i adore spell designs!

love your blog x

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