Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I'm back from the dead! Actually, I was enjoying myself in paradise.. and now I'm wishing I was still there. Definitely going to be making a visit back to Cabo in the near future (possibly birthday trip?!)

But now I'm wishing more than ever that I would just be done with school, GET ME GONE AND GRADUATED! It doesn't help that I have an AP English midterm today that in my current state of mind/lack of care is going to end up terribly..  Highly considering writing at the top of my test, "please take these answers very lightly and have a good laugh.. I tried to study, but let's be honest here-- I'm a second semester senior and checked out ages ago." And it's not like I was going to study in Cabo, HA.

Oh, and I was flipping through the April issue of Teen Vogue.. and my mouth dropped. My old friend, Fiona Pitt, who I had class with a couple years ago, was there on the page with Whitney Port! I took a picture and immediately posted it to her facebook and she had no idea it was going to be in this issue. Cool, right?

Current musings, and I can guarantee almost all of those photos come from my absolute FAVORITE blog, Cheyenne Meets Chanel. Check out Shea Marie's outfit postings/inspiration, highly influenced by native american & western cowgirl, this girl is the epitome of what I want to be wearing and what I WISH i had in my closet.

Feeling a bit dazed... and confused. Mostly just dreaming of anything but H E R E . 
(and by that i mean being free from the burden of school, at this point that's what it is.. don't get me wrong, i LOVE learning and being engaged in intellectual conversation, but at this point i'm so burned out that i don't even.. eh, i want to be able to do what i want, learn what i want, on my own terms) TWO AND A HALF MONTHS!

Also, I'm dying to get my hands on a pair of lace shorts like deeeese!

yum, okay.. off to cram everything i didn't pay attention to the last quarter. 

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jamie said...

congrats to your friend! how lovely!