Saturday, February 26, 2011

These Words Spoke to Me

Being kind is a way of living that keeps giving long after the kind thoughts, words, and actions have taken place. Kindness is a force without force, and it goes well beyond manners to the very heart of how people respect and treat one another.

Being kind is a vital way of making our own lives, and the lives of others, meaningful. Being kind allows us to communicate better with others, to be more self-compassionate, and to be a positive force in other people’s lives. Kindness has its true source deep within you, and while some people are innately kind, it’s something that everyone can cultivate by choice.

Thank you wikihow


Sjaar said...

So funny to read! Haha amazing. Cute blog.KEep up!

Sophie said...

this was such a beautiful read! makes me want to be a better version of myself :)
i love your blog! so happy i found it! i am a new follower x

Lynzy said...

Your blog has the most inspirational photographs! i have been browsing your previous posts and i just love them!

xo Lynzy

Chelsea Lane said...

this is so cute. this is the type of list I would want to apply one different thing every day ;)


Giselle said...

Very inspirational ;)

Kaja said...

beautiful! :)

Jessica Shearing said...

This was such a beautiful read, really made me smile! Then i got to the 'Have a dog' i now know i definitely have to get one!

Much love!


jamie said...

beautiful photos. beautiful message.