Friday, January 28, 2011


Just my luck.. found out there's a Wildfox Sample Sale going on in LA right now, but it ends in 15 minutes. Seriously?! Ughhhh

Oh well.. here's another LA Brand that I'm lovin. Going a bit post crazy-- must be that it's the end of finals week or that my best friend is coming down for the weekend. Trip to Venice, perhaps?

Enjoy Supertrash LA!

Flashback to clips from last summer's campaign:

I can honestly say I would wear every single piece there.. Gah, I really need to start saving my $$$.

 Supertrash LA link HERE


Staci Edwards said...

gorgeous images!

Giselle said...

Ever since I saw that cardigan in the first picture in November I've been in love just wish it would go down a little more. But such a great brand! ;)

Chelsea Lauren said...

Seriously! As much as I LOVE LOVE LOVE fashion and everything involving the industry.. I'm not made of money and can't spend $200 on a cardigan. But whatever, I'll get there someday ;)

Pixie Cosmina said...

omgshhh!! <3<3<3