Friday, January 28, 2011

Couture for Less?

My mom and I are big fans of discount retail, especially the higher end stuff ($200 for a shirt? HA, that's funny.) Anywho, we've been following a bunch of the Beyond the Rack sales lately and have scored some really cute stuff! $60 Joes Jeans anyone?

This morning my mom was doing her daily scroll the sales sites on her iPad and stumbled upon Artissimo Designs. Never heard of it? Don't worry, neither had I. But it caught her eye, and I'm glad she pulled it up.. because look what we just scored for my new room!

$8 a piece?! I'm down. Granted they were only $20 to begin with.. but still, 3 pieces of art for my wall for $24-- that's a steal.
Beyond the Rack has a wide variety of sales going on daily-- anything from Prada to Kensie girl. I highly suggest taking a look every now and then, it's definitely become a favorite site of mine.

Click HERE for Beyond the Rack.

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