Monday, December 06, 2010

Chelsea Who?

Sorry for the lack of posts these last couple days.. the charging cord for my laptop broke and it's become very inconvenient to use an actual desktop. But, since I love clothes and blogging so much, I guess I'll stick through it while I await the UPS guy and the only thing that's keeping me from my laptop.

On a side note, I re-ombre'd my hair and added in my old blonde extensions. LOVE LOVE LOVING the results and I'll definitely be posting a pic in the next couple days.

I've discovered (and fell in love with) Chelsea Crew shoes. I was surprised I hadn't heard of the brand when I first stumbled upon them, their Steve Madden-esque feel and reasonable prices-- they should be popping up everywhere! But, I found they typically are sold in smaller boutiques, Urban Outfitters occasionally carries a pair, but not their entire collection. Feel free to get me the Tamira Booties for my birthday next week! ;)

And.. a couple of looks from Lulu's fall collection.

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Chelsea Lane said...

ooh thanks for the heads up about chelsea crew! definitely gonna research them :) I can't wait to see your haaaiiirrrr!