Tuesday, November 09, 2010

On The Job

So I've got a job interview on Thursday.. but interviews in the fashion industry aren't as simple to dress for as the typical stuffy business suit. It's a chance to show your personality & creativity-- but in a more conservative manner. Although interviews are supposed to be based on work experience and communication-- one can't help but judge on appearance. The outfit can MAKE or BREAK it.

 *No over-exposure. Cover up the chest and no mini skirts. Skirts should typically be right around knee length.
*Make-up should be clean and polished, along with hair. Obviously no Snooki poofs or rat's nests going on.
*Keep color palettes simple, black should be a staple and accented with a splash of color (scarf, jewelry, shoes, or tights)
 *Don't be a fashion plate and throw on EVERY trend of the moment, obviously if you're interviewing for a job in the fashion industry-- they already know what's up. 
*Keep it classy and cool :)

What would YOU wear to a job interview?

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