Wednesday, November 10, 2010

OC Styling

First off, I love love love these two ladies-- April and Erin of

Both having managed local boutiques saw how difficult it was to connect new customers, and as shoppers themselves wanted an easier way to find unique clothing. The two developed for the OC region and is rapidly growing-- from San Fran to San Diego.


They've got a Boutiquing BlowOut Sale coming up Sunday, 12/5.
I went last year and was in AWE! SO MANY CLOTHES! Literally, there were are least 30 mini boutiques set up inside a conference like hall all with new clothing @ SALE PRICE. I was able to get Hudson Jeans half off and an array of other fabulous items.

Michael Costello, from Season 8 Project Runway, will be making an appearance from 10-12! I can't wait!

On a separate note, they introduced me to one of their favorite OC Stylists, B.Jones. 29 year old South Carolina native transported to the OC, started her own website back in 2008 displaying chic ways to wear vintage for the modern woman. Through this, she landed herself a position in Fashion & Styling for Quicksilver and recently began her own company-- B. Jones Style.

 Obviously her hard work is paying off, I AM OBSESSED with her styling.

Check out more of her style @


Chelsea Lane said...

I know, I was like blonde? chelsea? okay, we're pretty much the same person :P yeah I am like obsessed with this person's styling as wellllllll! pretty much every chelsea I meet is blonde, has that happened to you too?

Chelsea Lauren said...

Haha, I'm actually brunette as of about 2 months ago.. or well, it's half brown and blonde on the bottom now. OMBRE!

But yeah, it seems that most of the Chelsea's I meet are blonde.. we're more fun or something like that ;)

Oh and B.Jones? I'M OBSESSED.

Aissata said...

love the second outfit, very cute

Natasha said...

Your right! The styling here is awesome xxx

Be your muse. said...

oh wow! thank u so much for your comment! it make me so happy! thank uuuuuuu!

I love ur blog... so cool! and so good you're from california!!!

hope to see u in my blog!

LoliTa said...

love the orange blazer with the statement necklace- very laid back cool!