Thursday, November 04, 2010

Future Husband

On a totally unrelated note.. Zak Krevitt is my new favorite photographer. Located in Boulder, Colorado I stumbled upon his work while trying to find out who this God-like boy is.

 After much investigation, I found out some wonderful person out there wanting to claim this photo for themselves took the picture from Zak's Flickr, "Radiant Jungle" and removed the watermark.

Turns out Zak is closely linked with a friend of mine-- Kris Kidd. Kris's work is absolutely amazing, in fact, I posted a few pictures of his a couple posts down..  Here's a few more.  CHECK OUT KRIS KIDD'S OTHER WORK HERE


Anywho, as I was looking through picture's of the God-like boy, I fell in love with Zak's work (and his gorgeous models).

The gorgeous boy, who may or may not be okay with the fact that he's my future husband.. Is Louis Zeller of Ford Modeling Agency. Mmm.

ZAK KREVITT can be found @

KRIS KIDD can be found @

I highly suggest taking a look at both their works, you'll be left in awe.


Welcome to The Jungle said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Zak Krevitt said...

haha love this, thanks for the post! I'll let Louis know how you feel!
little known fact, Louis is actually my roommate

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